Benji’s Blog | Keeping Your Teeth Clean!


Well hello my gorgeous fur-buds.  Paws up who cleans their teeth?  Wow, did you know that 80% of us will have some degree of tooth disease by 2 years old – I’ve got some brown stuff on my teeth so I’ve decided to do something about it!

Mum has bought me some capsules called Nutraplaque which she opens and sprinkles on to my food once a day.

I’m also having some dental chews which are called “Specific”, they are very yummy and I get 2 of them a week, I say win win!! 

Both of these help reduce what humans call plaque and tartar, and should help with my smelly breath (I don’t think I smell but Mums says I do haha!)

Pop in to see us or book an appointment with Auntie Louisa nurse she’s our dedicated dental nurse and knows loads about our teeth.   If you’re a member of our Healthy Paws Club PLUS your appointment is included!

Next week I’ll give you some tips on how to brush your teeth as this is the very best thing to do and if you start early enough will be part of your routine and you’ll love it.

Oodles of love




PS while humans complain about the yukky wet weather, I celebrate it as there will be lots of super big puddles to play in on my walk!