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Benji’s Blog | All about Ticks

I’m having an upside down day – I’m on a late shift so I had my evening walk and swim this morning.  I love running through the long grasses and bracken this time of year, I love to hide from Mum!!

Did you know though you could get these things called ticks just from running through long grass, meadows and even woodland?  They attach themselves to you, bite and can cause you to be proper poorly.

It’s ok though as you can get these sweetie tablets or a spot on liquidy medicine from your Auntie or Uncle Vet and when a ticky thing does land on you it will bite and die (I know, that sounds very dramatic doesn’t it!).

I take these sweetie tablets and they’re very yummy.  I did have ticky thing on me the other day but because I take my sweetie tablet it came off really easily.

Because we care about you all, we have a range of different types of preventative tick treatment and even better they are all included in our Healthy Paws Club or Healthy Paws Club PLUS!!

Pop along to our website to join one of our Healthy Paws Clubs or give us a call and Auntie Sophie will be able to help you.

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