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Benji’s Blog: Can I Get a Second Opinion?

Hey fur-buds, how’s your week been?  I’ve had a busy one; 2 doggie daycare visits, spending time with my cousin George, shredinating some paper and then I went to the pub last night with all my Aunties from work, it was very tiring!

Did you know that you can come to see my Auntie Sophie vet for a 2nd vet opinion? I didn’t even realise you could!!  It’s really simple to set up.  Your human will need to register with us so Auntie Sophie vet has somewhere to record your visit.  Ideally we would need to get your history from your current vets just so we know all about your medical bits and bobs. 

We’ll book you a double appointment so Auntie Sophie can thoroughly check you out and have a chat with you and your human so a personalized treatment plan can be discussed.  You can then chose to stay registered with us, or go back to your uncle/auntie vet.

Always give us a call if you’d like a 2nd opinion – Auntie Sophie is very happy to see you.

Have a super fun time running through the muddy puddles!!

Ooodles of love

Benji xx

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