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Benji’s blog | Environmentally Friendly

I’ve had a brilliant week, lovely walks, swims and a roll of eau de fox poo  (which mum rudely washed off me!).  

Have you heard about this thing called climate control?  I hear it on the TV box and worry about it so much.  I mean what will my future fur-buds life be like.

So me n mum do our “bit” for the environment, I recycle toys and duvets – well ok Mum sews them back up and gives them back to me!

I even work for an environmentally friendly Auntie Sophie Vet, here’s some of what we do:

  • We use re-usable glass medicine bottle for the same human and medicine (human brings old bottle and gets refilled with same medicine and saves a bit of money)
  • My Auntie Nurses use laminated hospital sheets, scan them when completed and wipe them clean for next time
  • We’ve got a super clever credit card machine that emails the humans receipt to them!
  • My job is to recycle the syringe packets – I have to shred the paper from the plastic and recycle the paper

I feel super proud that I’m doing my “bit” for the environment.

I’m off for a snoozle to dream about my favourite walk…. Squirrel city!

Bye for now, love you all lots



Benji xx


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