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Benji’s blog Got a bad eye? Join our Healthy Paws Club

Benji has a bad eye!

Benji’s Blog – Got a bad eye?  Join our Healthy Paws Club and get to see our vet Auntie Sophie at no extra cost!

I’ve had a bad eye!  I woke up one day and it was very sore to keep it open and I had yukky stuff on my nose like bad sleepy woofs.  Not only that but I was on holibobs AND it was actually my burfday!

I went to see Auntie Sophie and she put some droppy stuff in my eyes, I was very brave and it didn’t hurt.  It made my eye go green but I didn’t mind as Auntie Sophie said it helped her to see that there wasn’t an ulcer.

So for my burfday I got an extra trip to see Auntie Sophie, some oinkment (I think that’s what Mum said it was called but it might have been ointment) oh and I got a teddy (who now has only got 1 leg!) and a bone (well that’s all gone obviously!).

In a few days my eye got better, it was magic and I was very good having the oinkment put in each day.

Join our Healthy Paws Club it saves £42 for a trip to see Auntie Sophie and only the oinkment and droppy stuff needed to be paid for on the day. 

For more information go to our Healthy Paws Club section

Stay safe and well you lovely buddies,

Mahoosive love to you all



Benji xx



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