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Benji’s blog – Beating separation anxiety

Benji's Safe Den

Eek… I see bags packed, shoes lined up by the back door and I know, I absolutely know I’m going to be left on my own.  I hate it, but I know Mum will come back…. How do I know?  Because Mum helped me learn it was ok to be “on my own” here’s what she did….

First of all she made me a comfy den with water and blankets – I wasn’t too sure to start but I soon got used to it.

Then she closed the door and I was on my own…. it was very scary.  I sang to her but I don’t think she liked it as she didn’t come back.  I’d just finished one song and was thinking about what to sing next when she came back in…. yippee!

So before the next time she closed the door she popped a bottle in to the wall (she said it was a “plug in diffuser”) and turned the wall on, this super lovely smell came out and it really helped me to relax.

Now when she goes out she says “won’t be long Benji”, she gives me some sweeties, turns the wall on (plug in diffuser) and I know she’ll be coming back to me so I snuggle down into my den.  Sometimes she leaves the radio on, I think it’s so I don’t have to sing and scare the humans.

Don’t worry, sometimes it takes a while to get used to being alone, so if you’re still not very happy give me or Auntie Sophie (our vet) a call and we’ll be able to help you.

Schmoodles and oodles of love

Benji x

PS did you notice my beard trim???  Mum said I was too scruffy and I’d got my dinner stuck in it so it had to be sorted!!  I quite like my new look

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