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Benji’s Blog | Keeping safe at night

Hey fur-buds, paws up who forgot the ticking thing went back last weekend!  Yep I did, and we ended up on a night safari walk by mistake! 

It’s really hard seeing where Mum is on my late walks, so I tether myself to her with a bright  yellow lead, put a yellow coat on her and give her a flashy light – it works a treat.  The only problem is she does the same to me and I have to wear my fluorescent yellow coat and have a flashy light on me, it’s so embarrassing but my fur-buds say it’s better to be embarrassed than not be seen. 

You see the human metal boxes on wheels (cars) have yellow balls of light on them, so it makes it easier for them to spot me if I wear a fluorescent coat.

It’s also a good thing to tell someone where you’re going and what time you’ll be back from your night safari.  That way if you don’t get back when you say they know roughly where to go looking for you.

Check your human has a mobile phone just in case you need to call someone!

So stay safe on your night safari’s.

Mahoosive amounts of love


Benji xx

PS it was my birthday this week!! I had a super awesome time and lots of treatsies

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