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Benji’s Blog | New Year New Weight!!

Hey fur buds, how you all doing?  I’ve had a great week, until today when I went on the super clever mat (scales) at work.  I don’t mind going on it but it told Mum that I now weigh 5.8kg (oopsie I’m normally 5.5kg!).  It doesn’t sound much but 18 months ago I was 5.2kg and I want to keep going on walkies and doing zoomies so Mum’s put me back in “Special Measures” here’s what we’re going to do:-

  • Measure my food so I only get 2 blue scoops of kibble a day (I’ve been sneaking a few extra bits!)
  • Change my milky bones to healthy treats
  • Use liver paste as a treat when I’ve been super good on a walk
  • Go on longer walkies and do more zoomies!

My Auntie vet nurses are now running weekly weight clinics, so if you’re struggling with your weight give us a call.  A nurse appointment costs £18 and you’ll get heaps of advice and tips.  If you’re a member of our Healthy Paws Club PLUS these appointments are also included and are unlimited throughout the year!

Have a good week, eat a bit less and stay active!!

Love you all


Benji xx


PS it was my 4th gotcha day this week, I had a lovely walk with my fur-cousin Cassie xx


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