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Benji’s Blog | stay safe this winter

Hey fur buds, I had a scary moment on Sunday. I went out for a pee break and someone had taken my green grass and left some white stuff on the ground. Mum said it was called snow! Once I knew what it was I went racing round the garden a few times, it was super fun to play in.
We did have to be extra careful on our Monday morning walk as the roads were slippy and some had gritty stuff on them.
Now I don’t want you to have a visit to see your Auntie/Uncle Vet so if you do have to walk on the gritty stuff (humans call it rock salt) get your human to wash your paws as soon as you get home. You see you can get poorly paws and then if you were to lick your paws before they were washed you could have a poorly tummy.
When it’s super chilly at night some fur-cats look for a warm place to sleep and that might be your humans metal box on wheels (car). Make sure you get your human to check their metal box so no harm comes to any fur-cats.
Have fun in the white stuff if it happens again and stay extra safe in the cold.
Looooods of love
PS keep a look out at the Christmas Tree Festival in Warminghurst Church as Auntie Sophie has sponsored a tree to be decorated by a local group – I’m super excited to see it.
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