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COVID policy January 2021

COVID POLICY JANUARY 2021 Updated on 07/01/2021

Over the coming weeks we will still try to offer our services to maintain your pet’s health and provide assistance when they’re unwell.

** Please wear a face mask (unless you are exempt) at all times when outside your vehicle. **

On Arrival

Please park in one of the spaces on the gravel in front of the practice.

You may stay in your car if you are able to call us on your mobile to let us know you have arrived.

You may find there is no-one at reception. That is because we have reduced the number of staff in the practice and our receptionist is currently working from home.

If you have arrived on foot, and if there is no one standing outside or the practice and you cannot call, you may approach to ring the bell or knock on the window.

Once you have our attention, please return to your car.

Your appointment

All our consultations will remain at 30 minutes in length. This ensures there is enough time to take a thorough history about your pet, carry out an examination, discuss treatments options, take payment and have you on your way before the next client arrives.

When we are ready to see your pet, Sophie will come out to see you. She will take a thorough history, and take your pet in for examination.

Sophie will then come out to see you, while your pet is having cuddles with one of our nurses, and discuss the treatment options.

We will return your pet to you along with any medication that you have discussed with Sophie.

Video consultations with vet examination of your pet

To eliminate the time spent outside Sophie may come out to see you with an iPad to trade for your pet during the course of the consultation.

Please do not make any changes to the iPad and just hold it in front of you so that we can each see one another.

We believe face to face communication is invaluable when discussing your pet’s health so we have made this investment so we can talk risk free and be able to see our faces in full.

Sophie will then take your pets history while one of our nurses gives them some cuddles.

We will then pause the call at our end to examine your pet. We will return shortly to discuss any findings and the plan moving forwards. You don’t need to do anything to the iPad at this time.

Once the treatment plan has been agreed, Sophie will demonstrate any medication to be given over the phone before coming back outside with your pet, their medication and our card machine.

If you are having a video consultation please do not ask any questions while we are outside so we can keep face to face communication to a minimum.

Telephone consultations

Telephone consultations are available where applicable and will be charged at a reduced rate.

Should it be felt that an examination of your pet is required, we will only charge the difference as if you had been present at the initial consultation.

Telephone consultations are included in our Healthy Paws Club PLUS. Payment

Card payments only please

Sophie will bring the card machine out to you to make payment.

It may be necessary for us to take payment over the phone, but we will let you know.


The iPad and card machine will be disinfected thoroughly between clients.

Our team will be wearing masks whether inside the practice or outside.

We are disinfecting the surgery after each consultation and washing our hands every hour.

Winter conditions

If you walk rather than drive to the practice, we will still be communicating we will not be able to let you inside even during very inclement weather.

While we love to support the environment and usually encourage clients to walk their dogs (or cats!) over to the vets, for now we need to take public health and safety very seriously.

Repeat medication, food, flea, tick and worming treatment

Please rest assured we are expecting there to be no shortages of medication or food as we are still receiving our daily deliveries from the wholesaler.

You can order medications through our website

Please allow 24 hours notice prior to collecting medication or food.

And finally from everyone at Meadow Hall Vets, please stay calm and stay safe.

Should anyone within our community become unwell and need any assistance with the care of their pet, we are only a phone call away and will do what we can to take care of each other.

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