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Benji’s blog: FREE Vet consultations with our Healthy Paws Club

Today is all about cats but not just any cat my kitty cat friend Tigger.

He had a sore and smelly ear over the extra long weekend and his Mum said he needed to stop shaking his head and go online to book a vet appointment with Auntie Sophie!
Well, he panicked, he’d never used a paw-puter before. Thank goodness I was about, I hopped on to our website on Sunday and booked him a slot for Tuesday at 9.30. He was so purry pleased.

AND he came to see Auntie Sophie for free as he had signed up to our Healthy Paws Club.
It’s great, you get unlimited trips (humans call it consultations) to see Auntie Sophie, your annual stingy thing (vaccination!), and there’s a choice of smelly droppy or sweetie tablet thing-a-ma-bobs to prevent the nasty flea, ticks and wormers getting you.

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