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How to Cut Dogs Nails at home

How to cut dogs nails at home

Benji's getting his nails trimmed

Cutting dogs nails at home fills a lot of owners with dread!  For dogs who have darker nails it can be especially difficult to see the pink coloured ‘quick’. 

So here’s a few tips to cutting dogs nails at home: 

Step 1 – you’ll need: pet nail clippers, cotton wool or kitchen towel, a gentle calm approach and most importantly plenty of reward treats.   

Step 2 – Calmly, and gently start with your pet’s back foot.  Hold it gently and with your nail clippers take a small bit off each nail.   

Step 3 – End with plenty of praise and reward treats, and move on to the next paw. 

Step 4 – Build this up over a couple of weeks 

Always STOP if your dog reacts by crying or pulling away with the first feel of pressure from the clippers.  If this happens, practice just holding a paw up for about 10 seconds.  Release and then reward with praise and a treat!   

If you accidentally cut the quick and it’s bleeding, you can stop the bleeding with pressure from dampened cotton wool or kitchen paper (you may need to hold it against the bleeding nail for a few minutes!).  As always finish with reward and praise. 

If you’re concerned at any time please give us a call for advice or book an appointment online


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