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Benji’s Blog | Pets with Itchy Skin

I saw my cousin George this week, he’s very handsome. George has an itchy problem but he doesn’t really like to talk about it. Mum says he has special soapy stuff to use and takes some pill things that help stop him being so itchy.

All sorts of reasons why you can be itchy; you might have the hoppy things, be irritated by the long grass or have an allergy. Auntie Sophie says we can be allergic (I’m not sure what that means but your human will know) to many things like pollen, dust and house mites, flea bites or food.

To let your human know you’re scratchy try these…

  • Lick, chew or scratch lots
  • Lots of rolling, rubbing or scooting (especially on the carpet)
  • Chew bits round your paws and tail
  • Scratch your ears lots
  • Make your skin very red and sore

Then your human will know to give Auntie Sophie a call for an appointment.

Don’t forget if you’re on the Healthy Paws Club PLUS the cost of your appointment is included in your monthly payment.

Stay itch free fur buds.

Love you all loads 🐾

Benji xx

PS a tennis ball bonked me in my eye this week, I found my favourite perfume, then Mum got me all wet and soapy in the shower and washed it off but I think I smell worse now but Mum says I smell lovely so at least she’s happy!

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