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Benji’s Blog | Car Sickness & Anxiety

Benji’s blog – Woohoo I’ve just come back from my holibobs! I made some new fur-buds – one of them was a puppy fur-bud called Amber who was a bit anxious in the metal box that humans call a car.
I said to her that it’s really important to build her time up in the metal box slowly and I gave her my 4 step guide for her humans:-
All the following steps require praise and treatsie rewards, and you should only move on to the next step when you are comfy and settled.
1) Your human needs to open the metal box doors when it’s not moving and encourage you to go in.
2) Then they should close the doors but still not move anywhere.
3) Your human should start their tin box and leave it on for about 10 mins without going anywhere, then they should turn it off. When you’re happy and settled they can increase the time they leave it on for.
4) Your human should take you on a short trip down the road and back again. Then increase how far you go. (this can be exciting as it might lead to a walkies).
Sometimes you can feel a bit sick so you might need to get your human to buy some calming products from your paw-puter. If they don’t work sick you’ll need to go and see your Auntie or Uncle Vet as you might need some strong pills or potions that only they can give you.
Have a super duper weekend.
Love to you all
Benji xx
PS we saw the yellow ball in the sky, had lots of lovely walkies and plenty of rest

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