Healthy Paws Club

Spread the cost of your vet bills throughout the year by joining one of our Healthy Paws Clubs, a convenient monthly subscription paid by direct debit

Healthy Paws Club PLUS

Includes your annual vaccinations (including kennel cough) and flea, tick, and wormer preventative treatment 

PLUS unlimited vet/nurse consultations* throughout the year, including nail clips, expression of anal glands and 10% off the brand of food called “Specific”

Healthy Paws Club

Includes your annual vaccinations (including kennel cough) and flea, tick and wormer preventative treatment

membership includes... much more!

Which plan suits you best?

How much is it?

Healthy Paws Club PLUS
Healthy Paws Club
DOG under 20kg
DOG over 20kg
Not available

Member Benefits

Vet consultations unlimited
£55.00* each
Vaccinations (including kennel cough for dogs)
Flea, tick & worming preventative treatment
Nurse consultations unlimited
£22.00# each
Nail clips unlimited
£16.00 each
Expression of anal glands unlimited
£25.20 each
10% off Specific brand pet food
Full price

*per initial consultation fee, per follow up consultations for same condition are £50.00 #with a nurse. Monthly payment via Direct Debit. Please Click here to read the full terms and conditions

Teddy saved £360 on vet consultations by being a member of our Healthy Paws Club PLUS!

He came to see us in January and our vet Sophie noticed he had an ulcer on his eye. This can be extremely painful and left untreated can in some cases lead to the removal of their eye. So Teddy needed urgent treatment and regular checkups. Each time Teddy visited us for a consult, all he had to pay for was his medication and when he did need a procedure to help his eye to heal, this was covered by his insurance!

Sounds great! How do I join?

When you’re ready to join, sign-up online or give us a call on 01798 817 372

Once everything is completed, we’ll give you a call to arrange an initial examination (if we’ve not seen your pet before) and get you on your way with your first month of parasite medication.

Just so you know, when you sign up for the plan…..

When you sign up for a plan, we will ask for the first two months in the initial payment. Your direct debits would not then start until month 3. For example, if you signed up your 24kg dog in July to Healthy Paws Club PLUS, you would pay £51, take your first month of parasite control and the next direct debit payment of £25.50 to come from your nominated account would be in September.**

You can choose from three dates when the payment will come from your account – 1st, 15th or 28th.

* Subject to a fair use policy.
** If insufficient funds are available at the time of collection for the direct debit, a failed collection fee will be applied.

Why we've set up the Healthy Paws Club

We’re passionate and invested in keeping your pet healthy – it’s our main mission statement. We believe in treating your pet when an ailment is minor, before it becomes something major and from this idea, our Healthy Paws Club PLUS was born.

Being a member of either the Healthy Paws Club or the Healthy Paws Club PLUS grants your pet access to a range of preventative care. 

Choose from either the Healthy Paws Club to spread the cost of your pets vaccinations and parasite control or the Healthy Paws Club PLUS which includes vaccinations, parasite control, consultations with a vet or nurse and 10% off Specific food.

Each plan is a monthly subscription on direct debit to help spread the cost of keeping your pet healthy. 

We now have two plans after listening to feedback from our clients and wish to do all that we can to find a plan to suit everyone’s budget and requirements.