Vet Services in Thakeham, Pulborough

Find out about the range of high-quality services provided at Meadow Hall Vets

Our Vet Services

We are well equipped to assist your pet in most eventualities. When we can’t assist your pet ourselves we have access to a range of highly qualified Specialist Veterinary Surgeons who will see your pet at our surgery or we can refer you to a specialist veterinary centre.

Healthy Paws Club PLUS

Vaccinations, flea, tick and wormer preventative treatment PLUS unlimited vet/nurse Consultations, nail clips, expression of anal glands & 10% off the “Specific” brand of food

Healthy Paws Club

Vaccinations, flea, tick and wormer preventative treatment


Due to the COVID restrictions, we allow 30 minutes for each consultation.

Unlimited consultations are available under our Healthy Paws Club PLUS


All brands are available and are included in both our Healthy Paws Clubs

Separate Areas

We have separate cat and dog waiting rooms, consultation rooms and kennels


An in-house laboratory allows us to perform various diagnostics on site


A separate dental suite allows us to perform majority of dental procedures

Cat Clinics

We have regular cat only clinics

Parasite control

All brands are available and are included in both our Healthy Paws Clubs


Separate cat, dog and recovery wards have glass kennels with heated flooring and lighting to make comfy day accommodation for your pet


We have a fully equipped and modern operating theatre


Dog, Cat, rabbit spay & castrates

Digital X-ray

A separate digital x-ray room including ultra-sound facility


Repeat prescriptions are available by email or calling us with your request. Written prescriptions are also available.

Pet Insurance

We accept Direct Claims for some insurance companies, please phone us to check before your pets procedure

Lost Pets

If your pet does get lost, please contact us so we can put notices on our social media pages and also if we get any pets handed in we can return them to you quickly.

Home Visits

Home visits are available upon request, but strict COVID regulations apply.


All dogs are required by Law to be microchipped, which should be done by the breeder before they are 8 weeks old. We highly recommend getting your cat microchipped so if your cat goes missing and is found they can be quickly returned to their owner

Got a question?

If you have any questions about the vet services offered at Meadow Hall Veterinary Practice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do all we can to help.

Give us a call on: 01798 817 372