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You can order your pet’s repeat medication, parasite treatment or food here.

Please allow 24 hours for requests to be processed and dispensed.

If you require the medication more urgently then please call us on 01798 817 372.

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Please note

Just so you know, we are governed by strict regulations and many of the drugs we use require a recent clinical examination. Generally, it’s every 6 months but some medications require a check-up every 3 months. For flea, tick and wormer preventative treatment it’s every 12 months.

Don’t worry, we will get in contact with you within 24 hours of your request if you need to be seen by our vet.

Written prescriptions are available on request. We charge £14.42 for each written prescription, and it is one item per animal per item prescribed.

We can only supply 3 months of prescription-only medication but up to 12 months of flea, tick and wormer preventative treatment.

Any queries please call us on 01798 817372