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Benji’s Blog | 4 Reasons Why a Sniff Walk Is Good For You!

I love a sniffy sniff sniff walk (if you’re a human reading this it’s what you call a lead walk). They can be on a short lead or a long lead. Did you know it’s actually good for us to have these sniffy walks because;
1) I “see” so much more through my sniffer, so when I go slow on a walk please be patient with me – I’m reading my pee-mails!
2) It can help with our training. I have to be honest I do get a bit “chatty” on a lead when I see another fur-bud – but we’re working on that and yes treatsies are involved!!
3) At this time of year, it may help avoid us getting bitten from a little long sleepy wriggly thing that humans call an “adder”
4) And if I see fluffie sheepsies Mum’s got control of me so I don’t chase them!
It’s really important that if you do get bitten by an “adder” you give Auntie Sophie or your own vet a call straight away!
Have a fab weekend.
Love you all looooods
Benji xx
PS you can still have oodles of fun, I especially like the dust-bath!!

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