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Benji’s Blog | Bitten By An Adder


Benji’s blog | Hey fur-buds, eek my fur-bud was bitten by an adder (it’s what humans call the long slithery things that have a black/brown zig zag pattern on their backs).  My fur-bud had a fat paw and was feeling very sorry for himself.  He went to see his Uncle Vet and is now fully recovered.

Mum said that adders are found in dry, sandy heaths, rocky hillside or woodland edges.  They’re very sleepy at the moment and if disturbed will bite… yikes!  It’s difficult to avoid these walkies so it might be best to keep your human on a lead so you can keep them safe.

Things do happen and if you do get bitten your human might not know straight away, so it’s good to let them know what they should look out for:

  • Swelling of the area typically on your limbs or face
  • Sudden Pain or lameness
  • Bruising or bleeding
  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy and/or collapse

And here’s what your human should do:

  • Call your Auntie or Uncle vet as soon as possible
  • Do not interfere with the bite nor apply a tourniquet
  • Limit your movement to try and stop the spread of the venom. If possible, carry you back to the metal box on wheels (car)
  • Don’t panic! That’s you and your human, as you need to stay calm on your journey

Stay safe this long weekend.

Oooodles of love to you all



Benji xx


PS I hope Mr Fluffy Cloud spits the yellow ball in the sky out for the weekend!!

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