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How to have a safe day at the beach with your dog


We all love a day at the beach with our dogs!  It can however lead to an expensive trip to the vets over something that could have been avoided.

  • It’s fun to play ball with your dog or watch them digging, but try to avoid them eating or ingesting the sand. Too much can cause sand impaction and require vet treatment
  • The sea can be a treacherous place particularly for puppies who may not be able to swim. Pop a life jacket on your dog to keep them safe, that way if the current is strong they will stay safe when they’re exhausted
  • If you see a dead fish steer your dog well away from it. Not just because it has a strong smell that your dog would love to roll in (not pleasant on the car journey home!) but it could contain toxins if eaten
  • Take plenty of fresh water for your dog. Without a good supply of fresh water they may be tempted to drink the salty water and too much can make your dog sick
  • Take some shelter for your dog, whether it’s a beach tent or umbrella they will be grateful for the break from the sun and it will help avoid them getting heat stroke

Lastly, if you’re on holiday check out where you’re local vet is just in case you need it!

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