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Benji’s Blog | Desensitising Your Dog, It Does Work!


Hey fur-buds….  Do you remember my blog a few weeks ago when I was scared of loud bangs?   Well I’ve been doing my homework and it’s definitely working!

If I’m off lead and I’m finding it scary I still go to run but Mum peep peeps me, I hesitate and go to run off but I choose Mum now.  Once I’m on back on a leady  thing I will carry on my walk cautiously – Mum says I’m doing very well and it’s a massive improvement from before.             

There are lots of things that you might become super sensitive to like going to see your Auntie/Uncle Vet.  Auntie Sophie vet is super good at helping you, she takes her time and takes each step slowly. Some of our fur-buds have been so worried they couldn’t even go into the consulting room, but with patience, treatsies and lots of cuddles they happily trot in!

If you’re a member of our Healthy Paws Club PLUS you can see our vet or nurse as many times as you like throughout the year without paying anything extra.  So if you are a bit scared at coming to see us I’d make use of our unlimited vet/nurse consultations and start desensitizing yourself.

Have a super lovely weekend,

Love you all loads

Benji xx

PS for one of my lunchtime walks Mum bought a tennis ball along and I had soooo much fun in the leaves playing hide the ball!!!


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