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Benji’s Blog | Keeping Safe In The Fields This Spring


Hey fur-buds, what have you been up to this week?  Mum took me to one side the other day and reminded me we need to take great care this time of year because of fur-bud babies in the fields.

Here’s my top tips:

  • Stay on a lead when you’re around farmers animals in a field or deer in a park
  • When you’re off a lead KEEP an eye on your human and make sure you go back to them when they call you!
  • Shut the gate behind you – you’ll probably be first through, but if you’re not shut the gate!

And finally

  • Don’t let your human chase the four-legged farm-buds (that goes for us too), some are having farm-babies and chasing after them can make them lose their farm-babies.
  • And did you know that the human farmer can actually shoot us fur-buds if we’re chasing their animals! I know it’s crazy huh, but it’s in the Animals Act 1971 where it’s legal for a farmer to shoot a dog that is worrying sheep.

Anyways, enjoy the yellow ball in the sky when it appears, keep a close on your human on a walk and have a super fun week.

Oodles of love to you all

Benji xx

PS I had a super fun day last Saturday, I made a new fur-bestie and ran on the beach in the sun

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