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Benji’s Blog | Staying At A Dog Hotel (Kennel)!

Benji’s Blog | Hello my lovely fur-buds, hurray the yellow ball in the sky is out!! This must mean holibobs for us and our humans.

If you’re off to a fur-bud hotel (kennel) here’s a few things to check before you go away….
Most fur-bud hotels need you to have a squirty thing up your nose for the very contagious cough that we can get. It usually needs to be done 2 human weeks before you go to stay as it’s a live vaccine (although it’s not a vaccine!) and can shed.

They may also want to see your annual stingy thing (booster) record card. If you or your human has lost it or eaten it then give us a call and Auntie Sophie vet will get a new one filled in for you for a small fee.
Is your stingy thing up to date? If it’s not, pop on to our website or give us a call to book an appointment for a re-start. Make sure you leave plenty of time.

If you’re unsure when your annual stingy thing is due give us a call, don’t wait for our reminder email. It only takes a minute for my Aunties to check and it reduces the risk of needing to restart your stingy thing.

If you need to come and see us for a stingy or squirty up the nose thing please remember to bring your record card in with you, to avoid you needing to return for it to be completed if you forgot it.
Have a super weekend with the yellow ball in the sky!!

Loads of love


Benji xx

PS I found some treasure on my walk this week, Mum says it’s a tennis ball I absolutely love it!!

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