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Benji’s Blog | Staying Safe In Strong Winds!


Wow my lovely fur-buds I hope you’re all staying safe. 

I went for my morning walk before the whooshing wind picked up and I don’t plan to go out again!  Mum has said I can have a duvet day while she’s goes in to work to help any poorly fur-buds.

It’s pretty scary out there so here’s a few things we can all do….

Avoid taking your human for a walk today.  If they really want to go out make sure you keep them on a lead, avoid wooded areas and be super careful, walk close to buildings to avoid falling branches and loose tiles.

If you really need a pee break make sure you ask your human to check that the fences and gates are secure so you stay safe.

All fur-cats should defo keep your human inside and stay with them you don’t get spooked.

If you have a fur-rabbit/guinea pig then ask your human to bring them indoors as the whoosing wind may damage sheds and hutches

Please keep your humans safe and protect yourselves as well.

Whooshing you loads of love



Benji xx

PS I had amazing fun in the leaves yesterday, rolling around – I bet they’ve escaped!!

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