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Benji’s blog yippeee 7 days to Christmas!

It's Christmas

Benji’s blog Friday 18th December

Yippeee it’s exactly a week to go till Santa-Pet comes down the warm crackly glowy thing near where I sit (humans call it a chimney and Mum says she won’t light it on Christmas Eve).

STOP!  Mum said “Benjamin!  you have a been a naughty pickle this week and Santa-Pet may not come and see you!” Honestly it wasn’t my fault…

(a)    The foxy perfume I found was such a lovely smell – Mum said no

(b)    The Christmas card looked much better without the thin paper stuck to it – Mum says no

(c)     Santa-Pet shouldn’t drop my squeaky sprout toy off early – Mum says no

It could have been worse she said, I might have eaten something I shouldn’t and had to be rushed into see our vet Auntie Sophie.  So here’s how to get a visit from Santa-Pet and avoid the vets at Christmas!

(1)    Flowers – don’t eat anything, but a bit of grass is ok.

(2)    Food – don’t scavenge or scrounge and defo don’t eat mince pies or chocolate.

(3)    Decorations – don’t eat the shiny balls on the tree, or the sparkly string.

Mum’s says there’s more detail on our website….

Stay safe.  Oodles of love


Benji x

Here’s just a few things we all need to be aware of:


  • Poinsettia are poisonous for many pets and can cause a serious upset stomach.
  • Mistletoe can cause drooling, retching and vomiting.
  • Holly and ivy can cause serious problems for cats and dogs and can be fatal for rabbits.


  • Mince pies, Christmas cake, Panettone these all contain raisins, sultanas and dates which are highly toxic to pets. They can even be fatal.
  • ChocolateChocolate is really poisonous to dogs. It causes sickness, fits and can be deadly.
  • Stuffing and gravy usually contain onions and garlic, which can be deadly to cats and dogs.
  • Alcoho can cause serious problems for pets. Also avoid giving them any foods that might contain alcohol.
  • Leftover bones. Cooked bones can easily splinter when they’re chewed on and the splinters can damage your pet’s throat or stomach. Smaller bones can cause blockages if they’re swallowed whole.


  • Dangling baubles, tantalising tinsel and flashing fairy lights it’s easy for pets to accidentally swallow smaller decorations if they pick them up.
  • Batteries can be swallowed by pets which cause serious internal burns.
  • Wrapping paper and ribbons can also be a choking hazard for cats and dogs, especially as they’re very tempting to play with.
  • Children’s toys can cause injuries if pets chew on them.


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