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How to Trim Cats Claws on Senior Cats

How to keep senior cats claws trimmed

Senior cats claws are much thicker than younger cats.  The claws are also drier, weaker, they can split or break and also become overgrown. 

As cats age they can lose the ability to retract their claws too.  It is good practice to check their claws and feet regularly. 

If the claws look split or are obviously too long follow our top tips on how to trim senior cats claws 

Step 1 – you will need small cat nail clippers, cotton wool or kitchen paper, some yummy treats and 2 people!  

Step 2 – one person hold the leg and paw of your cat. 

Step 3 – you can then trim your cats claws using the small nail clippers.  Take care not to get too close to the “quick” which is the pink area usually visible under the nail.   

If you accidentally cut the quick and it’s bleeding, you can stop the bleeding with pressure from dampened cotton wool or kitchen paper (you may need to hold it against the bleeding nail for a few minutes!).   

Step 4 – give loads of cuddles and treats, if your cat allows! 

If you are concerned and would like further advice you can telephone us on 01798 817372 or you can book an appointment online. 

If you are a member of our Healthy Paws Club PLUS your appointment cost is included.


Trim senior cats claws

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