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Benji’s Blog | Winter Hazards & Working from Home

Benji's blog - winter hazards and working from home

What a weird week it’s been!  The human virus has hit again, it’s ouchy cold outside and I’m working from home!

Auntie Sophie has reduced how many human staff  are in the practice – don’t worry, there are always humans in the practice to help you.  If you arrive and can’t see us – call us, knock on the door or ring the bell.  Mum is on the phones at home, and I’m busy on my pawputer.

Here’s my top tips to help you on your crunchy, ouchy cold walks

  • Always wash your paws off when you get home. Mum says it gets rid of ice, snow, and salt which can make you pawly
  • Don’t go paw-skating on the slippery pond. Put your owner on a lead so you can keep an eye on them.
  • Wear a coat – I don’t like wearing my coat. Although it is actually quite fun as we play chase round the house.  Mum normally “wins” and then she puts my coat on and it’s not so fun, but I am warm.  
  • Hide the anti-freeze from the purry things, it can make them very purrly.
  • Give extra bedding, and shelter to outside small squeaky and hoppy things.

Wow even the humans at British Veterinary Association have tips for you.

Stay warm and safe my little buddies

Looods of love

Benji  xx

PS Mum says our COVID policy is here if you need it.

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